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Gregory Allya Warjri

Being an Outdoor Guide, a photographer and a videographer by profession, Gregory Allya Warjri (Instagram @its_a_gregory_thing) is also the owner of the travel company @nomads_adventure_shillong based in Shillong and has a great passion for travelling and exploring new places. Even as a young boy he would travel to different villages in Meghalaya and look for locations that were secluded and untouched which made him curious about travelling and exploring other parts of North-East India.

“Travelling is one of my passions and I am fortunate enough to turn it into a profession. Travelling has opened my eyes not only to the picturesque locations but also to the people and the communities who are so kind and welcoming that most of these turn into friends who remain dear and near to me.”

Besides Meghalaya Gregory has been to Nagaland and Arunachal and also help promoting these regions. He hopes to visit all the North-Easter states and get the opportunity to promote them as well.

“My motivation and inspiration comes from the natural beauty that nature has to offer and the different cultures and traditions that every tribe or community practices. To truly experience something new you must be open to living and eating the way the locals do and respect their way of life. That’s how you will make memories that will last you a lifetime.” – Gregory writes on what inspires him to travel.


Gregory shares with us one of his favorite travel moment –
“Like every epic story there are a lot of good and bad moments & I’ve had my share of both but one of my favourite moments that I can recall is my recent trip to Arunachal where we planned to scale up Menchukha’s snow-capped mountains I had never seen snow before and this was the first time that I witnessed snowfall. Keep in mind that this was an impromptu plan by me and my friends from Meghalaya and Arunachal where we spent 3 days and 2 nights trekking and camping on the mountain with all our gear in the heavy snowfall. On the last day the snow had reached up to our waist and it became difficult to even lift our legs and take a step forward. We finally had to call it quits and turn back but we have not closed this chapter yet because we will be heading back to those very mountains to continue our adventure.

Gregory’s message to people who have yet to explore North-East India – 
“Come to Northeast and experience the natural beauty, from the rolling hills to the foot of the Himalayan mountains, our clear rivers and cascading waterfalls, enchanting caves, forests and many more. People can also take part in the diverse cultures and traditions that we practice. Our diversity is what makes us stand out and we are proud of it all.””

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