Travel externship program

Trebbymate presents a unique opportunity for students and travel enthusiasts where they can travel for free under our Travel Externship Program. Inspired by WWOOF global Program we have launched our TEP where students can work for travel agencies / companies in exchange for cover in expenses of accommodation / transport / food / camping etc.

travel for free with trebbymate


Join travel agencies and companies partnered with Trebbymate and work for them. In exchange your travel expenses will be covered. 


Explore places, travel to the wildest destinations, live the travel life you always wanted to. Our program is designed for students with a passion for travel. 


Learn hospitality, interact with locals and people from all over India, experience different cultures and nature. A unique travel experience awaits you!

Steps to apply

register with trebbymate

Fill the google form with all the necessary details. We accept applications from people from all walks of life!

background check

A minor background check will be performed depending on details uploaded by the applicant. Applicants must be well versed in Hindi and English language.

get hired as extern

After the background check is over, your application will be forwarded to various travel agencies partnered with Trebbymate. As per their trip schedule registered externs will be hired on the trips as volunteers covering their travel expenses.

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