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Camping with Tani Adventures in Arunachal by Escapades_of_syrah
Camping with Tani Adventures in Arunachal by Escapades_of_syrah

Camping with Tani Adventures in Arunachal by Escapades_of_syrah

Hello everyone! I am Nancy (@escapades_of_syrah). Hope this summer is treating you well. Recently, I went on a small weekend trip to a beautiful, secluded campsite in Bodak, Arunachal Pradesh. I love visiting secluded places, especially mountains and riverside/lakeside. Camp Tani Adventure in Bodak checks all of the above and I am so happy to share my lovely experience at the campsite with you.

Arunachal during Monsoon

Arunachal Pradesh is widely known for it’s beautiful landscapes, gorgeous valleys and misty mountains. When it comes to views seen from the campsite, it doesn’t leave any room for disappointment.

About the campsite:

View of Siang River from the Campsite

Camp Tani Adventure is a campsite in Bodak, Pasighat. It is 14kms from Pasighat town and is easily accessible by road.

I have been to this campsite three times on different occasions, my birthday, new year and my most recent trip with my friend and I loved my every visit here. It is such a beautiful place to unwind and be with nature for a day or two. As soon as you enter the campsite you are welcomed by tall trees, and a little sneak peek of the Siang river.

The Tent where I stayed near the river

The campsite is spacious with several tents on the ground, two bon fire places, and a view point where you can endlessly watch the Siang river flowing. The view point also has a spacious sitting area so you can sit or lay down and listen to the sound of river while soaking up on the nature around you.

A look inside one of the spacious tent

There are also tents build on stilts right next to the river for more intimate, close to nature if you are one of those campers who love sleeping to the sound of river at night. These tents are my favorite as I love to fall asleep to the gentle sound of river flowing and waking up in the morning to the beautiful view of the river and the mountains right from my tent.

If you take camping seriously and love making your own tent you can pitch your tent anywhere on the camp ground.

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Safety and Concerns:

The campsite is fairly safe for men and women campers. It is secluded and build on an elevated area. The campsite is intimate as in there are a lot of tents but each of the tent is build intimately so you can safely be yourself in your tent and your surrounding area.

About Food:

A filling breakfast served at the campsite

The food served is made by the staff or by the host himself often and made with love and care, catering to each and every need of the campers. The food is also served in locally found “Tora paat” to make sure the use of plastic is reduced as much as possible.


I had a small picnic by the riverside on my birthday

In addition to gorgeous view from your spacious tent to the calming sound of Siang river and the distant mountains as seen from the campsite, you can have picnic at the campsite or at the river bank.

There are two bonfire places at the campsite. It is the best place to catch up with your friends, your family or your significant other over bonfire and barbeque.

You can explore the nearby sight-seeing areas little ahead of the campsite.

Who can enjoy the campsite?

Surreal views at the campsite

The campsite is perfect for campers be it from beginners to extreme campers.

The campsite is couple friendly and family friendly. They have music and live performances too sometimes if any singer or artist stays at the campsite.


The campsite offers fairly affordable packages to campers who want to visit the campsite.

There are two packages available currently:

Package 1: 1500 per person.

Package One includes stay and meals (includes breakfast and dinner).

Package 2: 850 per person.

Package Two includes only stay. If you want to cook your own meals at the campsite, this is the package for you.

Barbeque starts from 1500 rupees. Breakfast is complimentary for all the campers.

Extra charges may apply to other services not included in the above mentioned packages.

Picnic Package:

Open bonfire area and picnic spot

There is also a picnic package where you can have picnic at one of the many spots available around the campsite.

Visit time:

Tani Campsite on a bright sunny day
A photo from New Year Celebration

The best time to visit is during dry season up to spring season. Summer season might be a little risky to visit the campsite as the water level rises quite high during the monsoon season.

How to get there?

The campsite is very easily accessible by road. The campsite is located 14 kilometers from the Pasighat Town. As you leave the Pasighat town and take the road that goes to Bodak, a big white sign board on the left side of the road will let you know that you have reached the campsite.

The campsite has a wooden gate and entering the gate will lead you to a spacious plain area of the camp ground.

Things to remember before visiting the campsite:

  1. As you take the road to Bodak (Yinkong Maryang road), remember to stock up on your necessities and snacks, there are no shops nearby the campsite.
  2. International Travelers are required to have their passports, PAP and other necessary documents with them at all times.
  3. Jio network is the only service available on the campsite.
  4. Swimming in the river is prohibited.
  5. Keep the camp ground clean and do not litter plastic and other things.

Final thoughts:

This campsite is perfect for campers who are looking for a relaxing weekend away from work and home. You can stay at your tent whole day, do nothing and watch time pass by as you feel rejuvenated and are ready to tackle the world again.

If you are interested on a visual journey of the campsite, check out my YouTube Vlog.

Follow me on Instagram: @escapades_of_syrah

Get in touch with the campsite: @camptaniadventures

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