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Mechuka Adventure Trip: What to do and see in Mechuka | Escapades of Syrah

Mechuka Adventure Trip: What to do and see in Mechuka | Escapades of Syrah

Hello everyone! It’s Nancy (@escapades_of_syrah) again with another travel blog all the way from Arunachal Pradesh. The less explored and untouched Arunachal has so much to offer. Beautiful mountains, valleys and gorgeous rivers altogether will take your breath away. 

In this blog, I will take you to Mechuka, the last town in West Siang district of Arunachal near the Indo-China border. Travelling to the magnificent valley of Mechuka  promises an experience of a lifetime. 

About Mechuka:

Mechuka Valley

Menchuka, popularly known as Mechuka, is a Valley in Arunachal Pradesh near the Indo-China border. Residing at an altitude of 6000 meters above sea level, Mechuka is a small picturesque town with beautiful landscapes, snow capped mountains and beautiful Yargyapchu river with it’s crystal clear water flowing through the valley makes for an awesome trip to escape into the wilderness.

This charming little bowl-shaped valley is surrounded by mountains and is a must visit place. Here is an Ultimate guide to the major sightseeing places and things to do and see in Mechuka.

Top 10 Things to Do and See In Mechuka:

1. Visit the oldest Gompa in India, Samden Yangcha Monastery, Segong

Samden Yangcha Monastery

This is a must visit place in Mechuka. The Gompa is located high in the mountains in the Segong village. It’s the oldest Gompa in India built around 16th century even older than the Tawang Monastery (b. 17th century). Take a car or trek from Segong village to the Gompa.

The Gompa has many Guru Padmasambhava statues and other statues. The views from the Gompa is exceptional. You can see the Mechuka Town and Segong village from above.

2. Trek to Dorjeeling Hilltop aka Menchuka La Trek


This is the most easy and shortest trek you can do in Mechuka. You can do this trek to see the humongous sign of MENCHUKA, like the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles engraved in the mountain.

It takes 2-3 hours and everyone can easily trek to that mountain and see for themselves the huge sign and the mesmerising views of the Mechuka Town from the mountain.

3. Go on a bike/car ride through the scenic pine forests from Mechuka to Segong village

Pristine riverside in Segong Village

The road from the Mechuka town to Segong village is a beautiful one. Segong is 9 kms from the Town. When you leave the town, the road changes dramatically, first comes the beautiful plains on each side. Then as you leaves the plains, beautiful tall pine forests on either side can be seen. The road has a ghostly feeling given it is very secluded, not a single soul or any other vehicle can be seen or heard which makes this ride even more captivating.

4. Try to walk straight on the Hanging Bridges

Mechuka Town resides along side the mighty Yargyapchu river. Numerous Hanging Bridges connect the Town to it’s nearby villages. It can be scary at first but once you get over the fear you will feel amazing. The bridges are long, made of wood, walking and crossing the bridge can be quite an experience in itself.

5. Stay overnight on the River Island, Chupala Island (Camping)

View from Chupala River Island

You can spend a night on the gorgeous river island in Mechuka outside the town. Witness the mighty snow peaked mountains along side the gentle flow of Yargyapchu river. To make your stay more memorable, camp under a sky full of stars with bonfire and barbecue.

There is a newly opened restaurant and bar on the island. You can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine while taking in the view of the gorgeous mountains from the restaurant.

6. Sightseeing outside the town.

There are a lot of sightseeing places outside the town. You can visit the last village, Tongkor La of Mechuka Town where the road disappear into the mountains. You can get an up close view of the Indo-China border. You can also visit the Gurudwara maintained by the army on the way to Yarlung.

7. Visit the charming Dorjeeling Village

Dorjeeling Village

Dorjeeling is a charming little village in Mechuka. You can go by road or trek by crossing the Dorjeeling Mountain. The village is tiny compared to Mechuka Town. Millet, Peach and other varieties of vegetables can be seen grown in Dorjeeling.

There is a tiny Gompa, at the end of the village. The Gompa is surrounded by pine forests.

8. Visit the New Gompa (Samden Choelling Monastery) in Mechuka Town

The New Gompa sits atop the mountain just outside the town. The pleasant 2 km walk from the town to the Gompa will refresh you. The Samden Choling Gompa is a newly build monastery that gives unparalleled view of the town. It is very peaceful in the Gompa and hardly crowded. Take a tour of the monastery and sit at the edge of the mountain. The views are amazing from the Gompa. You will get to see the entire town from the top. You can also see the military airstrip from the top.

9. Stay at a Traditional Homestay

Gebu’s Traditional Lodge and Homestay

I highly recommend you to stay at a traditional homestay while you are in Mechuka. These homestay offers insights into the culture of the Mechuka people.

Yargyapchu Homestay (Photo courtesy: Adarsh Akhilesh @techie.traveller)

Stay at Gebu’s traditional Homestay for a cozy, luxurious stay or stay at Yargyapchu Homestay near the Yargyapchu river and watch the mountains and river from the comfort of your room.

10. Explore the Mechuka Town

Mechuka Town

Mechuka Town is small but there are plenty of things to do and see around the Town. A tour of the picturesque landscape of the town will surely leave you stunned.

Lots of furry friends

With the beautiful mountains behind, the views are surreal. A stroll around this quiet town is a sightseeing in itself. The beautiful wooden houses with it’s brightly colored roofs are very aesthetic. The cheerful vibes of this town and countryside will make you want to leave everything and settle down here.

GTL Gift Shop

Indulge in delicious local food and wine in the restaurant around the town. Go shopping in the town to buy souvenirs to take home. Gebu’s Traditional Lodge Souvenir Shop is the best one to shop for gifts and souvenirs in the town.

This brings us to an end of an exciting lists of things you can do and see in Mechuka. I hope this list will be helpful in planning your trip to the beautiful valley of Mechuka.

I wish you a very happy and safe travels to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

If you have been this far with me, thank you so much for reading this blog. Please do share with your friends and your loves one too.

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